Division of Innovative Modality Development

Identifying diseases originating at the molecular level and potential One Medicine drug discovery seeds

The aim of this division is to elucidate the mechanisms of various diseases such as cancer and neurological diseases, and to develop and nurture drug seeds in various modalities such as small and medium molecules, biomolecules including nucleic acids and antibodies, cells, and artificial biomaterials that are effective for the treatment of these diseases.

Researchers in this division belong to seven units: The Unit of Disease Signaling Drug Discovery, the Unit of Nucleic Acid Drug Discovery, the Unit of Structure Guided Drug Discovery, the Unit of Data Science Drug Discovery, the Unit of Drug Discovery Analysis and the Unit of Development of Artificial Biomaterials, and the Unit of Regenerative and Cell Therapy. The researchers in these units work with each other and with researchers in other divisions to develop and foster new modalities.